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Looking at Acupuncture Through the Eyes of a New Patient

I know nothing about acupuncture. I write a lot about “Health and Wellness” as well as medical conditions and medications. Acupuncture along with chiropractic trips me up a bit, particularly acupuncture.

Why is acupuncture confusing?

It is hard to believe that sticking needles in a person can ease or relieve pain and even get rid of an illness.

However I found an article by a woman who didn’t believe in acupuncture but was suffering from hand and wrist pain. Later she suffered from several illnesses. She hates needles.

The way that acupuncture began for her was that she had a friend that was studying it.

First the needles are very small. Apparently you don’t feel much when they go in. Sometimes you don’t feel anything.

The science of acupuncture is based on “Qi” which is pronounced “chee.”

According to acupuncture Qi flows in identifiable and specific patterns throughout the body. When a person has a medical problem it is because the flow of Qi is disrupted.

This smacks of chiropractic which suggests that the body’s stability and wellness is rooted at least in part to subluxations to the spine.

The sciences of chiropractic and acupuncture are considered by most medical people as being alternative medicines.

What types of conditions were treated by the author of the referenced article?

First what led her to the acupuncturist to begin with was pain in her hands and arms along with tendonitis. She had the condition for over a year and had tried cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory drugs.

After experiencing acupuncture she went to a person who was both an acupuncturist and a chiropractor. She attributes her recovery ultimately to chiropractic.

Ten years later she had a “total body shutdown.” This included digestive problems, food and chemical sensitivities, skin rashes, anxiety and insomnia to name a few.

Over a short time she had many successes with the treatment of acupuncture.

What are we to make of acupuncture? Is it real or not?

I don’t believe that modern medicine is the only answer to illness.

I saw a film about a tribal custom in Africa where a sick child is surrounded by the tribe that begins singing. Soon he begins to run with the aid of a couple of people and after a bit is truly cured.

While I am not suggesting acupuncture for fertility is mind over matter, there is no doubt that people that take a placebo sometimes become well because they believe they are being treated.

I’m sure if I had bad enough pain or was sick enough and wasn’t getting relief the “standard” way I would have no problem trying acupuncture.